Morven Park

The story of Morven Park begins as early as the 14th century. The medieval town of Potters Bar - on the edge of Hertfordshire - was the site of a toll along the Great North Road. The remains of this original settlement; the toll house and the old Great North Road are buried beneath Morvenís grounds.Morven was donated to us by Mr A.B. Sanderson in two parts, the first 20 acres in 1928 and the rest of the park - including the house - in 1934.Mr Sandersonís wishes were very clear 'that Morven be used for some local benefit such as a Cottage Hospital or Library, and if let for some such purpose the rent received be used for upkeep of the house, the park and play grounds'. In-keeping with this, the house is currently let as a care home and the park is open for you to enjoy.

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